Love is a dead tree

Love is a dead tree, needed his water, love, and tolerance can grow blossom. Prosperity, so remember clearly Department, has his image and tied at the crossroads of my face, hands, shoulder touching shoulder, we were marching youth clouds, adsorption from the reality, promised to ride out the vicissitudes of the oath, but because of the time the final fast, the years do not spare feelings, forming a blood rub lies also indelible, until today, his name on the left, my story appeared in the written word Guikulanghao like telling youth imprint.



Not because of loneliness just like you, but because of my heart to you, if love is a kind of injury that tears are healing the pain of tender, all the scenery, it is their dream out of a color picture, wait until the wind had forehead and hands to pick up that heavy rain, the kind of hazy attachment taste, up until the final acid product of heart, I love you from ignorance, reached the end of feeling, the urge to knit before the end of today, there is no reason , and the reality of life, your life becomes a very real assessment of blame, and finally the audience, even if your shadow

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