Find the key to life

   There are many keys to life, and some can only open the door 12, but some could not open the door, while a key, but it can open the doors of life in large and small.

This is the key to everyone’s keys are different, Bill Gates tells us: "You are most interested in things, the hidden key to your life." We find the key to life, also in exploring our own, understanding self has become the key to find the key to life.

Bill Gates is such that is also to do so. Harvard diploma is nothing less than appealing, but it may only open a few doors. He resolutely chose to participate in the computer world, in a string of numbers to find the joy of success, entrepreneurship and the pain and the value of life. One choose to let him find the keys to life, after which he opened the wealth, happiness, honor and success, and so the door, they opened the door to the information age.

The success of many people’s success is that they are good at looking for the key to life. The founding of Israel, just, if Einstein’s response to the voice of the Jews to become Israel’s first President, it is difficult to imagine at this time whether people still respect him so, Einstein said: "I think I was more engaged in the physical school work. "Einstein in the scientific way he likes to diligently pursue, and that the key to life, no doubt in the hands firmly grip. He chose to explore the vastness of the Star, to swim the world of the atom, will also be the universe that the door is open, let his thoughts with the universe movement aspire to the impossible.

Shi Tie-sheng looking into writing this to the key of life and forget the wounds of the soul, opening the text of the life journey; Kafka gave up on his way from the trade route of endless wealth, he chose were not the same as with the deformation of living, but also opening the door to the modern literature; Hua with a pen and a piece of paper as the key to life, although in the grocery store suffered enough, but eventually also opened the door to Tsinghua University to open the road to the glory of mathematics. They are looking for the keys of life, choose their life-long career, which perhaps should be given the sentence "love is right."

You may not have a strong physique, then you then why bother to become a boxer. You may not very clever eloquence, then why did you become a force with its own speaker. But you may be the same as with Chaplin as a good comedian, you may be the same as with Chen’s only after a great mathematician. This requires me to accurately find the key of life, understanding yourself, ask what are the things of interest to your heart.

To make a heart, looking forward to your life and that the hidden keys to open a new life, a piece of heaven and earth.

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